Wick Size Chart | Guide to Choosing a Candle Wick (2024)

Wick Size Chart | Guide to Choosing a Candle Wick (1)

How do I choose a candle wick? Chances are, anyone who’s ever made a candle has found themselves asking this question! Picking a candle wick can feel like a daunting process, which is why we put together this helpful chart to get you started. This candle wick chart is intended to help you get off on the right foot when you start testing candles. We hope this free resource will also help you save time and money in the testing phase.

How to Use This Wick Chart

This chart is organized with several types of wax listed across the top. On the left side, you will see various container sizes. The numbers listed in the left side of the chart refer to the interior diameter of the container in inches. In the table itself, you will see a variety of wick size recommendations for each wax and container diameter.

You can simply look at the chart below, or it you prefer, you can download the chart and print it off to use at home. To download the candle wick chart, simply click the link below or click on the picture of the chart below (please note that the image below is compressed. For a high-quality copy of the chart, we recommend downloading the file rather than the image itself).

Free Downloadable Candle Wick Chart - updated Dec. 2023. The chart is now 2 pages and includes our newest wicks with testing results. The smaller containers are on the first page, and the larger containers are on the second page.

Wick Size Chart | Guide to Choosing a Candle Wick (2)

How to Print the Chart

The sheet will download as a PDF file. Simply open the file from your downloads folder and print as many copies as you like. Printer setting may differ, but we recommend selecting the "fit to page option" in your printer settings. You may successfully print the chart at 100% size, but depending on your printer, the margins may be cut off.

Notes About the Chart

While the wick sizes in the chart should help point you in the right direction, the ideal wick size can vary depending on numerous factors. As we discuss in our post about wicking candles correctly, things such as the container material, thickness and even color can affect how a candle performs. The type of fragrance you use and your fragrance load can also play a role.

With that in mind, the recommendations in this candle wicking chart are not guaranteed to work in all situations. There are simply too many factors at play to make a chart that includes every possible situation.

Also keep in mind that this chart is not intended to be used in lieu of testing your candles. It’s very important to test your candles before giving them as a gift or selling them.

If you are having trouble wicking a particular candle, try using several types of wicks that are in the recommended column until you find one that works. Candles made in large containers – such as 3.5” in diameter or more – can be more difficult to wick. For large candles, you might find it works better to double wick your candle.

When double-wicking a candle, you will use two wicks instead of one. Instead of basing the wick size on the total diameter of the container, you need to divide the diameter in half. Then choose a wick size that is appropriate for half of the diameter of the jar. For example, a 4” diameter soy wax candle might be suitable wicked with two LX 10 wicks rather than one LX 24 wick.

This wick chart will be updated as we add more types of wicks. You can always download a new copy of the chart at any time!

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Hi Annmarie, I would recommend starting with the smallest size in the wick series you want to use. For example, Eco wick size 1, 1.5, or 2. If you’re buying your wicks from NorthWood keep in mind all our wicks are pre-cut to 6" long, which might not be long enough for some taper molds. I hope this helps. Thanks!

hello im struggling to find correct wick size for taper dinner candles poured soy wax base diameter of the molds are 2.1cm wide, I would like to use cotton

Hi Kaitlin, the wood wick size info can be found on the product page for the wicks. These are based on soy wax:
Small: Up to 2"
Medium: 2.5" – 3"
Large: 3" – 3.75"
X-Large: 3.5" – 4.25"

Hi. I’m looking to use wood wicks in my candles using soy wax but I don’t see any information for them on the candle wick chart for any of the waxes or wax blends. Would it be possible to update the chart or provide the information for the various soy wax candle sizes? I have seen a couple of comments asking about wood wick size information that haven’t gotten any responses so I’m hoping that you may be able to help provide some guidance for these wicks for us. Thanks!

Hi Patt! I’d be happy to help with this. For a really soft wax, good wicks might be LX or HPSP wicks. For a large diameter, I’d recommend using 2 wicks. For multi wick candles you will divide the container diameter by 2 (so 2") and then look at that row for wick recommendations. In the chart that would be LX 10 – 12, or HPSP 30 – 36 ( although that could vary depending on what the wax is). I hope that helps!

Wick Size Chart | Guide to Choosing a Candle Wick (2024)


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